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Classic Movie News

Lawrence captured Aqaba

Photo of Lawrence of Arabia

96 years ago, (July 6, 1917) Arab forces led by T.E. Lawrence captured the port of Aqaba from the Turks. Lawrence's (1888-1935) own heroic, autobiographical account of his Arabian adventure can be read in his book Seven Pillars of Wisdom and seen in Lawrence of Arabia.
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Casablanca and its writers

Photo of Casablanca

Writing the screenplay for the classic movie Casablanca wasn’t easy. Seven writers worked on the script and throughout the shoot they tried to keep up with director Curtiz. So no one knew until filming the last scene whether Ilsa would end up with Rick or Victor.
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Bonnie and Clyde were killed

Photo of Bonnie and Clyde

May 23, 1934 Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow were shot 4 dozen times early in the morning in a police ambush as they were driving a stolen car. This ended the most spectacular manhunt seen in America up to that time.
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A famous writer was born in 1875

Photo of

June 6, 1875 Thomas Mann, German novelist, was born. His work included Buddenbrooks (1901), Doctor Faustus (1947), The Magic Mountain and Death in Venice (1912).
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test was born in 1862

Photo of 12 Angry Men

Born ~jarengeleden~ years ago (January 24, 1862): Edith Wharton, US novelist and Pulitzer Prize winning author. Her work was mostly set in New York society. It includes The House of Mirth 1905, the rural Ethan Frome 1911, The Custom of the Country 1913, and The Age of Innocence 1921. She died August 11, 1937. (January 24, 1862)
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